Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Freudian Fantasy(World)...

~Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy~
Sigmund Freud


I've been working on this world since about mid-November, 2011. It's still in development and nowhere near being a final release. While it is playable, it's lacking many things. There are limited spawners, housing, community lots, and sims. The blog background picture is an early screenshot of this world.

This is a large map tropical island with mountainous regions on grassy bluffs overlooking sandy beaches. This equestrian world has no roads or vehicles. Hopefully, some other modernizations can removed or renovated.

Lets see...I think there are:
-15 furnished homes
-1 furnished shack I use to prep new sims
-10 empty residential lots
-8 rabbitholes
-7 lakes and ponds
-consignment shop
-stylist salon
-an exclusive club
-a park
-1 UFO
-2 active volcanos
-2 dams
-1 dome
-1 peeing dinosaur
-2 hillbilly famblies(in savegame)
-6 moar whatever the game engine creates

Download A Freudian Fantasy
Last update: 04-26-2012

Mostly terrain and terrain paint cleanup. Did rework the fountain in the 'Canopy 3000' home so that it shows when viewing the main level of the home(another EA hiccup). Also redid the upper flooring on Freudy boy's 'Lodge I call Phallusy' home, because of routing problems. Tweaked sim 'Ella marshall' and added a shack for her to live in.
Expanded the simbilly family by adding kinfolk. Added the first swamp, and some small critter spawners. Made a floating house...will probably add a UFO, also. Put down a few more mountains and mesas...most of the routing paint for these is in place.
Added a simbilly, a house, a trailer, a junk yard and some spawners. I'm thinking that if I add enough spawners this might be a fully playable world...finally.
Moar Monster changes!
Added a volcano, two lakes, seven lots, and a new custom Science Lab rabbithole in a 10 story building(see included readme). Basically, a huge land redevelopment. Next, I'll probably add some trees, spawners and work on integrating some of the big changes I've made lately. Oh! I need to take a hard look at the trail routing. It was okay initially, but as this world evolves I'll need to implement alternatives, as the trails tend to get overly congested in a large world like this. Still looking to add a swamp, also...maybe even sum zombillies at a future date.
Mostly did some overdue cleanup, although a few items were added including a Freudian Dino.
Lots of big changes. Grafted on a land mass that I'm going to form into swamp, added 5 bodies of water, a traversable dam, a new house, humongous storm clouds & did various cleanups of terrain and terrain paints.
Added a few terraced outcroppings which are emanating from one of the larger mountains, and plan more additions of this nature.

Rabbit Hole Replacements by Jynx

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