Friday, April 20, 2012

Weather Packs for Sims 3 Worlds

These are all 8 existing EA weather profiles for Sims 3 worlds, except the basegame, which is the default. Use them like a normal them in your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages folder.
These will override the original weather for all worlds that don't have weather profiles embedded in them. The EA worlds you can use these on are:

Sunset Valley
Hidden Springs
Barnacle Bay

You can use these to change the weather on user created worlds like mine, and anyone else's that doesn't already have an embedded weather profile...if you are unsure you can just try it, as it won't harm just won't work if there is an existing weather profile in the world.
Only use one weather pack at a time. To turn it off, you can rename the file from TwinbrookWeather.package to, for example. The game won't recognize or use it if the file extension is changed. Otherwise you can remove it from your mods folder when not needed.

I'll be creating my own custom weather profiles and adding them to this blog entry in the future...stay tuned.

Download Weather Packs
Last update: 04-20-2012

These were all created from my Sims 3 files using S3PE, except for Starlight Shores, which I made using files uploaded by simsample. Thanks out to him for those!

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Breakdown of EA Colour Ramps

This is for CAW users and defines the 21 bars on the colour ramps used for weather colorization in Sims 3 Worlds.
The long version can be found here...MTS

Also, I have made a tool for making custom colour ramps...
You can download it here.

Light Colors

1) Directional light and shadows...normal time cycle. This is based on the suns current position in the sky. Needs to be darkened before sunset or there is an abrupt shift in light/shadow direction when the source changes from sun to moon.

2) Ambient light...may be Bloom. Seems to be a 12 hr per color cycle & limited to 2 colors. Looks to be the main nighttime luminance in EA colour ramps.

3) Indirect/Reflected sunlight? Horizontal lighting..strong on trees, sides of building structures and steep
terrain..weak elsewhere. Not a normal time cycle. Usually pretty dark in the EA worlds.

Water Colors

4) Water color...uses a normal time cycle, so it's possible to have many color changes throughout a 24
hour period.

5) Sun & Moon Reflections on Water...normal time cycle. This pic is a yellow moon reflection...

Sun Colors

6) Sun color...normal time cycle.

7) Halo color...unverified

Sky Colors

8) SkyLight > Sky mid region...normal time cycle. Exhibits nighttime color banding problems. Strongest influence near sun. All four of these components are most prominent at sunrise/sunset.

9) HorizonLight > normal time cycle...banding. Strongest influence near sun.

10) SkyDark > Sky mid & top regions...normal time cycle..banding. Strongest influence away from sun.

11) HorizonDark > normal time cycle..banding. Strongest influence away from sun.

Cloud Colors 1

12) ColorWRTSunDark

13) ColorWRTSunLight

14) ColorWRTHorizonDark

15) ColorWRTHorizonLight

16) ColorWRTShadow

Cloud Colors 2

17) ColorWRTSunDark

18) ColorWRTSunLight

19) ColorWRTHorizonDark

20) ColorWRTHorizonLight

21) ColorWRTShadow

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