Sunday, January 1, 2012


These are my favorite Sims, they have a great group dynamic, and they're more stimulating than licking an electrical outlet.

Their zodiacs are set to the actors real life stats, and I matched up the voices as best I could. Some facial features have been embellished, like the girls noses, which have a caricature quality. They are not all necessarily from the same time frame, Chandler is from an earlier period, for instance. Their traits are a compromise between playability and accuracy. I don't spend much time with clothing and make-up, as those are best left to the individual players preferences.

No custom or EA store content was used to make these...everything came from the base game, expansions and stuff packs. If you don't have all expansions and stuff packs, you may get alternate clothing and/or hairstyles than what is pictured here.

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Last update: 04-16-2012

I've played these Sims for 3 or 4 months now. In the last couple weeks I've made over two hundred changes to their appearance, collectively. I'm going to leave them as they are for now and perhaps come back at a later date for tweaks. Hope you have as much fun playing them as I did creating them :)
~Time to post some other stuff...I have a world I'm working on and a few other in progress items I'll be sharing & updating..stay tuned~

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